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Huwebes, Oktubre 10, 2013

5 Do-It-Yourself Ideas for your Decorative Collectibles

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Do you have sets of Decorative Collectibles or inherited from your Family? Why not use them in decorating your home with some Do-It-Yourself Ideas. If you aren't planning selling them, why not use them to give your home a unique aura and fresh look.

Whether you’re an avid collector or own some pieces of figurines and other decorative collectible items, transforming your home using them will guarantee you of a different excitement by looking at them beautifying your home.

Things we need

  • Collectible ( frames, vases, wind chimes, ornaments etc.)
  • Racks or Shelves
  • Shadow boxes
  • Display Cabinets
  • Paint or Wallpaper
  • Gallery putty or sticky clay

Do-It-Yourself Steps

Step 1
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Establish your desired style. Sometimes what you collect the most is what you desire to see in your home. If you collect collectible with oriental or Asian design, make sure that the theme of your room is Asian. If you own some globes or maps together with other musical decorative collectibles, display them at the portion of your house that they can be seen easily and add some accents to your home that depicts a musical perspective.

Step 2
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Grouping your decorative accordingly especially you have several items to display can help you to determine the style. Having your decorative group your decorative according to the motif where they fall into makes it easier for you to designing and determine which style will you incorporate to your home. This also avoid scattering each kind all over the room. Do not overcrowd one area with of the same collectibles and make sure that they are spread evenly across the room to give a more balanced look.

Step 3
Place the decorative collectibles inside a display cabinet with glass door shield to protect them from breakage. You could additionally place the smaller products in darkness boxes or display cases which could be held on the wall. Use gallery putty or sticky clay to hold the pieces in place. Place sculptures and vases on a stand, making sure that they are sturdy and placed away from the flow of traffic flow inside the room.

Step 4
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Highlight your decorative collectible with proper lighting. Proper lighting place the details of your collection into the spotlight. If you have Vintage Frame collectible, place the picture light on top to highlight the detail of the frame. Use track lighting to highlight a row of shadow boxes on the wall where your ornaments and snow domes are place. If you have collectible ornaments, place the light on the area of the design that needs to be highlighted.

Step 5
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Add paint to accent and highlight your collectible. If you have a collection of nautical decors, lighthouses and seashells, you can paint an accent wall with a cool color such sky blue or royal blue, which depicts the colors of the sea to make your collections pop out. If you have wind chime collectibles, you can paint it with the colors that match the autumn or spring season.If you could find a wallpaper with the autumn or spring season you could achieve a room filled with peace and solidarity.
Fragile items needs to be stay away from children. Budget in must also be considered in buying the cabinets, lights and shelves. Be wise and consider its durability when buying them. Maintain the cleanliness of collectible items as well. And last but not the least, do not be afraid to experiment and explore ideas that you feel really fit perfectly for your home or room. What matters most is how comfortable you are in collecting as well as decorating and sees you’re fruits of labor. 

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